I’m a writer.

My passion for writing has stemmed from many things including learning multiple languages at a young age. As well as my childhood with misdiagnosed MS, filled with reading books and stories which allowed me to travel, learn, understand, and feel understood even on my hardest days.

My writing helps people and their organizations communicate more effectively and thoroughly with their communities and audiences through writing content for websites, social media accounts, and blogs.

I’m a teacher.

My love for words and language allows me to teach, and I’m certified as an ESL teacher.

I’m a photographer.

My obsession with taking pictures started when I got my first phone camera. Capturing moments, memories, places, and people feels like getting to bottle up the present to save it for the future. Each one feels like a passport to the past.

I’m a TCK.

Third Culture Kids are those who grew up between two cultures or countries, for me it was the US and Italy. Being a TCK means that I’m at home everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It’s as much a part of my identity as the fact that my name is Allie. Never ask me where I’m from because I still don’t know.

What I’m Doing

When I’m not working as project manager and doing social media marketing on the amazing Valet team, you’ll probably find me reading a book, taking photos, learning more about WordPress, writing around the internet, or attempting to keep my cats from putting their paws in my tea.